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Magque Ethics Policy

At Magque, a website operated by Sparkling Innovation LLC and covering various categories, including Technology and Electronics, Products and Reviews, Content Writing, Education, Finance and Insurance, Internet and Marketing, and more, we hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards. Our Ethics Policy is a testament to our commitment to maintaining integrity, responsibility, and respect in our content.

Our entertainment brands do not publish personal attacks against individuals, companies within the industries we cover, or our colleagues in the field. We emphasize the importance of objectivity when reporting on sensitive topics, ensuring that our content remains unbiased and respectful.

We strictly adhere to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines. This means that all video game reviews will clearly state the platform on which the game was played and identify the source of the copy, mainly if it was provided. We also consider regional or platform-specific aspects, and our disclaimers and disclosures are prominently displayed to ensure transparency.

In our game coverage, we maintain a clear separation between reviewers and those involved in previews and interviews. For example, if a writer is invited to a studio visit, they will not subsequently review the game associated with that visit. This division ensures that our editorial and criticism remain objective and independent of studio access and relationships, as well as our monetization teams.

We are committed to adequately crediting sources unless the content originates from official studio sources or their PR affiliates. We view it as our responsibility to contribute positively to the online publishing ecosystem and adhere to the best journalism practices. When using images, non-official artwork, or other materials, we credit the artist and, whenever possible, seek their permission to use their work.

For previews and reviews, we always respect embargoes and avoid posting spoilers until we have permission or until after a product’s release. Major or sensitive spoilers are withheld from headlines and images until a sufficient amount of time has passed to ensure that readers are not inadvertently exposed to information they are not actively seeking. Our goal is to enrich the entertainment experience for our readers, not to spoil it. If spoilers are to be included in a publication during the release window, we will always provide a spoiler warning at the top of the article.

For any corrections or update requests, we encourage you to contact us at Your feedback and contributions to the integrity of our content are highly valued.

Please communicate with us in English.

Thank you for being a part of the Magque community, where ethical journalism is our cornerstone.

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