Windows 12: News and Expected Price, Release Date

Windows 12: News and Expected Price, Release Date, Specs; and More Rumours

No wonder the market is full of plenty of rumors about the upcoming Windows 12. Now, you must be getting chills regarding the latest features, specifications, prices, release date, and other information about the upcoming Windows 12. Besides, you can see Windows 12 as an advanced futuristic update that people need for the Windows operating system. Moreover, as per the information, there are possibilities for Windows 12 to be released in 2024. 

But at the same time, there’s no official announcement or confirmation by Microsoft regarding the same. When it comes to specifications, it might be possible you will get some upgrade of windows 11 in Windows 12. And these specifications are better Android app support, UI enhancements, and an upgraded version of the Settings app. Now switch to the information below to dig and unveil the possibilities you can expect from newly Window 12.

Windows 12: Release Date

Without creating any complications, as per Magque’s Release Date Estimate, Microsoft will probably release Windows 12 in 2024. Moreover, it is the earliest people can expect from Microsoft if they see other previous Windows releases by Microsoft. If Windows 12 doesn’t come out in 2024, it will indeed get released in 2026 or later. Furthermore, it might be called the occurrence of another large gap, the same as Microsoft’s last two major versions. You can even keep an eye on an upcoming Windows event to keep yourself updated regarding the same.

Windows 12: Price Rumors

Being a Windows 11 user, you will get a chance for a free update, which is offered by Windows 12. The same offer is also available for Windows 10 users only if they have a valid copy of Windows. Moreover, if you are looking for a new license? Then, you can get the digital version from Microsoft’s website or via other retailers on a USB device. The estimated prices will be based on the prices of Windows 11 by Microsoft, such as $139.99 for Windows 12 Home and $199.99 for Windows 12 Pro. 

Windows 12: Features

Along with any big OS update, there are possibilities of several minor updates and changes under the cover. Moreover, these minor updates can come into use to translate things for better performance. You can enjoy new icons, animations, and additional settings to level up your experience and performance. Precisely you can understand them by sticking to the below information:

Windows 12: Features
1. New UI

You can consider the new UI as the 2022 Microsoft Ignite keynote, which is given as a look at the Windows 12 user interface. It appears as a floating taskbar dock at the bottom with a floating search bar at the top. And along with several other similar icons that can be present on any other corner of the screen. Moreover, the taskbar is only a little different from the earlier ones as it’s slightly hovering over the bottom of the screen. 

It also has plans for other UI changes, including a new lock screen and notification center. Furthermore, below you can have a look at Windows 12 from the perspective of Concept Central. And here, it shows a new Start menu, a redesigned volume hub, the built-in messaging client called Windows Messenger, and desktop widgets.

2. No More Control Panel

Surprisingly, this time there’s no availability of the Control Panel in favor of Settings. If you don’t know, “Settings” got introduced back in Windows 8. And from there onwards, they were intended to replace the Control Panel. But you can still find the utility of the Control Panel today as well. Moreover, it is possible that all the Control Panel applets might be moved into Settings. Remember, it will happen only if Windows 12 gets rid of the Control Panel entirely.  

3. Animated Wallpapers

Windows 12 will come with an in-built ability to add live wallpapers. It is completely opposite to the older Windows versions that were always stuck with static images. For the older version user, it can be possible to use third-party apps like Desktop Live Wallpapers. 

4. Android APK Installs

Unlike Windows 11, Windows 12 might let you install Android apps via their APK file with the availability to download these files by using several online stores. Moreover, it is required to open up the ability for the user to run directly from the download. Consequently, you don’t have to open them through third-party programs such as BlueStacks.

5. MSN Messenger Return

Another Windows 12 feature rumor (first seen on TechRadar) we’ve seen is for Teams and Skype to merge into a new MSN Messenger. If you’re unfamiliar, Primarily, MSN Messenger used to be an instant messaging client from Microsoft. People used to use it back around in the early 2000s, but due to some reason, it got discontinued in 2013. But now, in Windows 12, it will be for Teams and Skype to merge into a new MSN Messenger.

Windows 12: System Requirements
Windows 12: System Requirements​

It is relevant that your computer must have the minimum system requirements to install Windows 12. You may find most of the requirements similar to Windows 11. Therefore, your system must possess the following:

  • First, 8 GB of RAM you must have. 
  • The next thing is to have 64 GB of storage. 
  • Another need is to have a 64-bit processor. 
  • Also, 1 GHz CPU clock speed. 
  • Last, a stable internet connection and a Microsoft account. 
  • Remember, all the above requirements are necessary for the initial setup.

Windows 12: Download

If you are looking for accurate information for downloading Windows 12? Then, unfortunately, as per the resources, it is not available from Microsoft. Also, it is not even accessible in beta form without any availability of pre-release builds there. Moreover, it’s too early to get any genuine Windows 12 ISO files on behalf of Microsoft. So, it is advised to avoid anything online that claims to be W12. 

Even if you see the “Download” icon on the name of MS or “Windows 12 Beta” or “Windows 12 Dev Build,” etc., they are not the real ones. So try to escape yourself from these fraudsters and scams by avoiding these things. Furthermore, Windows 11 users might get the free available update for their Windows 11. 

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