Magque Fact Checking Policy

At Magque, a website proudly operated by Sparkling Innovation LLC, our commitment to delivering accurate and reliable information to our readers is unwavering. We specialize in various categories, including Technology and Electronics, Products and Reviews, Content Writing, Education, Finance and Insurance, Internet and Marketing, and more. Our dedication to providing fact-checked content is at the core of our journalistic principles.

Our standards for feature content align with our commitment to research and objectivity. We emphasize presenting a clear argument and, when drawing conclusions or theories, considering and including relevant counterarguments. This approach enables us to address many possibilities and answer questions before our readers ask them.

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Whenever we cover a rumour, leak, or information from non-official sources, such as Reddit, social media, YouTube channels, or unverified publications, we try to contact relevant representatives and public relations. Even if they cannot comment or do not respond, we ensure that we have extended the opportunity for their input. Our writers and editors are industry veterans dedicated to providing our readers with the most up-to-date and accurate information, along with all pertinent details.

When we are the source of information, we adhere to fundamental journalism principles. We value open lines of communication with significant developers, publishers, studios, and PR firms to maintain the integrity of our content.

We are dedicated to delivering 100% accurate headlines to our readers. Each news article undergoes a rigorous vetting process to ensure precision and reliability. We take special care to distinguish between confirmed information and industry rumours or insider reports, making it clear to our readers what can be relied upon.

Before we craft any article, we conduct thorough research to ascertain the freshness and accuracy of the information. We meticulously verify our sources and delve deep into the origins of the information, referencing source materials when necessary. We do not engage in clickbait tactics. While our headlines may be bold, we never make sweeping statements without concrete facts to support them. At Magque, we go beyond reporting the news; we provide the context that helps our readers understand why it matters to them.

Our editors cover many topics our readers are passionate about, such as video games, film, television, and comics. Hailing from diverse backgrounds in film studies, creative writing, video production, and business management, our editors are united by their enthusiasm for entertainment and a commitment to delivering the best and most engaging content to our site’s visitors.