Magque Ownership, Funding, and Advertising Policy

Magque is independently owned and operated by Sparkling Innovation LLC, headquartered at 1002 Fuller Wiser RD, Euless TX 76039, United States. Unlike some other online publishers, we do not fall under the umbrella of a larger conglomerate. Our content, objectives, voice, and topic selection remain free from external influence, ensuring that our editorial teams operate with complete autonomy.

Magque’s website operations, editorial salaries, and content payouts are primarily supported by programmatic advertising platforms. We also leverage direct sales campaigns, partnerships, and sponsorships on rare occasions, which are negotiated by our advertising and content teams. These activities are clearly disclosed to our readers to maintain transparency.

Our editorial staff, writers, and content team operate independently, separate from any external influence, including advertisers.

We strongly encourage and embrace representation of all viewpoints, perspectives, and writers from diverse backgrounds. Our senior editors work diligently to ensure that the objectivity and accuracy of our content are not constrained by any single writer, editor, partner, or business division.

While we strive to provide our readers with an enjoyable advertising experience, it’s important to note that advertisements may not necessarily reflect the views of Magque or Sparkling Innovation LLC.

Some articles on our site may include affiliate links, through which Sparkling Innovation LLC may earn a commission on purchased items. These articles are accompanied by a disclosure statement that clearly communicates the affiliate partnership.

To ensure that our access to studios, networks, and other partners does not compromise our editorial objectivity, we adhere to a comprehensive ethics policy. This policy governs the conduct of all our writers, editors, and contributors and ensures that our content remains unbiased and informed. Please refer to our complete ethics policy for more details.

Your trust in Magque is greatly valued, and we remain committed to maintaining the highest standards of journalistic integrity and transparency.

Please communicate with us in English.

Thank you for being an integral part of the Magque community.