Magque Corrections Policy

At Magque, a website managed by Sparkling Innovation LLC and covering a diverse array of topics, including Technology and Electronics, Products and Reviews, Content Writing, Education, Finance and Insurance, Internet and Marketing, and more, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of accuracy and transparency in our content. Our Corrections Policy reflects our dedication to accountability and ensuring our readers have access to the most reliable and complete information.

Updating Story Threads

In addition to making corrections, we consider it vital to keep our content updated whenever new information becomes available. Whether it is related to a breaking news story or an evergreen topic, we aim to update our articles with the latest developments. When we publish new news or feature articles on a particular subject, we also update all previous stories or features on that same topic. These updates include links to the recent posts, ensuring that our readers always have access to the whole picture, regardless of our articles on the subject they encounter.

Adding Corrections

As stated in our Fact-Checking Policy, we are devoted to maintaining the accuracy of the information presented on our website. We believe in transparency when errors occur, and we take responsibility for any mistakes made. When we identify an error in a post, such as an incorrect attribution of a producer or actor in a cast list or an inaccurate date, we make it a point to add a marked correction within the article.

This practice ensures that we remain accountable for our content and adhere to the trusted standards of journalism. We recognize the power and responsibility of providing information to our readers, and our commitment is to be a reliable, accurate, and authoritative source of information.