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Subscribe To Monthly Cat Toy Boxes At meowbox

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Meowbox is a subscription service for cat owners who wish to indulge their furry friends with new toys and treats every month. Each box contains unique and stimulating items to entertain and engage your cat.

What is Meowbox?

The Concept of Monthly Cat Toy Boxes

Meowbox offers a delightful selection of cat toys, treats, and even catnip-infused items curated to match your cat’s agcat’seferences and playful needs. This subscription service is the perfect way to keep your cat’s enactment caught and joyful, helping to reduce common behavioral issues associated with boredom.

Personalized to Your Cat’s Preferences

Each Meowbox is personalized, meaning that the toys and treats are selected based on your cat’s specific likes and dislikes. Subscribers can provide details about their cat’s behavior and preferences to ensure every box is a hit.

Benefits of Subscribing to Meowbox

Continuous Entertainment and Stimulation

Cats need stimulation, and Meowbox delivers it right to your doorstep. Regularly receiving new toys helps maintain your cat’s cucat’sty and keeps them active, essential for their physical and mental health.

High-Quality, Safe Products

All products included in Meowbox are thoroughly tested and chosen for their quality and safety. These toys are durable and safe for cats of all ages and sizes, ensuring peace of mind for cat owners.

How to Subscribe to Meowbox

Easy Sign-Up Process

Subscribing to Meowbox is straightforward. Visit the Magque website, navigate the Meowbox section, and fill out your subscription preferences. You can choose the frequency of deliveries and even skip months if necessary.

Customizable Subscription Options

Meowbox offers various subscription plans to fit different needs and budgets. Whether you want a monthly surprise for your cat or a more occasional treat, there’s a plan that’s right for you.


Meowbox is more than just a subscription box; it’s a pathway to enhanced happiness and health for your cat. With new surprises each month, your cat will always have something exciting to look forward to. Subscribe through Magque today and transform your cat’s life with the joy and excitement that each Meowbox brings.


Q1: What items are included in a Meowbox?

Each Meowbox typically includes 4-6 items, ranging from fun toys and natural cat treats to innovative catnip products. The selection is curated based on your cat’s preferences, needs, or allergies you’ve had in the subscription process.

Q2: Can I customize the items in my Meowbox?

Meowbox offers customization options to suit your cat’s preferences and dietary restrictions. When signing up, you can specify your cat’s list of dislikes and allergies, and Meowbox will tailor the boxes accordingly.

Q3: How often will I receive a Meowbox?

Meowbox subscriptions are flexible; you can receive a box monthly or every other month. This allows you to manage how frequently you receive new toys and treats for your cat based on your preferences and needs.

Q4: Is there a way to track my Meowbox shipment?

Yes, once your Meowbox is shipped, you will receive an email with a tracking number. You can use this number to track your shipment through the carrier. The carrier’s arranged delivery date is here, and the status of your package is being monitored.

Q5: What if my cat doesn’t receive food in Meowbox?

Meowbox aims to please every cat, but if your cat isn’t interested, you can contact Meowbox customer service to provide feedback. They often offer solutions like replacements or customization changes for future boxes to suit your cat better.

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