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The Best Online Shopping Websites In Mexico In 2023

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The best online shopping websites in Mexico 2023 have become indispensable for consumers seeking convenience, variety, and savings. Moreover, these platforms offer unmatched advantages, from the ease of shopping from anywhere to diverse product selections and access to promotions. They enable cost-conscious shoppers to compare prices, access user reviews, and make informed decisions. The convenience extends to 24/7 accessibility and flexible delivery options, aligning perfectly with changing consumer preferences, especially in pandemic times. 

With competitive pricing, international brand access, eco-friendliness, and personalized recommendations, the best online shopping websites in Mexico 2023 are flourishing. This growth is driven by the widespread use of smartphones and intensified competition among local and global players, with giants like Walmart, Mexico, and Amazon facing off against emerging rivals, choosing the best online shopping sites in Mexico vital for all. Explore more information similar to this only at, your one-stop destination. 

10 Best Online Shopping Websites in Mexico In 2023

Online Shopping Websites in Mexico

The top 10 online shopping sites in Mexico 2023 feature seven US-based giants and two Mexican brands, Liverpool and Coppel. The growing demand for online shopping, with multichannel retailers seeing 25% of total sales online, presents opportunities for Mexican businesses. Moreover, both local and international platforms are expanding to Mexico City, providing diverse options for fashion and e-commerce enthusiasts. So, let’s get started: 

  • Amazon Mexico (

One of the very first best online shopping websites in Mexico 2023 is Amazon. Amazon, a global e-commerce giant, has significantly impacted Mexico’s online shopping scene since its 2016 expansion. Moreover, with 63.76 million monthly visitors, Amazon Mexico offers diverse products, including electronics and digital content. Amazon Prime and competitive pricing have made it popular. It’s the only Latin American country with a dedicated store providing fast delivery. While some sellers may not ship directly to Mexico, Amazon Prime, priced at $99 MXN monthly or $899 MXN annually, offers exclusive benefits. US Amazon accounts work seamlessly in Mexico.

  • Walmart Mexico (

Another one of the best online shopping websites Mexico in 2023 is Walmart. Walmart has been known as Walmex in Mexico since 1993 and is a major physical and online retail player. Moreover, with 2,600 stores in Mexico, they offer a wide range of products across various formats, making them the world’s largest retailer. Their user-friendly website and app streamline shopping, with efficient delivery services near major cities. Furthermore, Walmart competes robustly with Amazon and Mercado Libre, providing an organized platform and speedy delivery. It includes groceries with convenient scheduling.

  • Linio (

How can we forget Linio while including the best online shopping websites in Mexico 2023? Linio is a major Mexican e-commerce platform in 2021, offering diverse products. It includes electronics, fashion, home furnishings, and nationwide shipping and enticing sales. Moreover, it was launched in 2012 by Rocket Internet; it expanded across Latin America. Despite competition from Amazon and MercadoLibre, Linio garnered investment from Alibaba Group in 2018, boosting its presence in Latin America’s competitive e-commerce market.

  • MercadoLibre (

The next best online shopping site in Mexico is MercadoLibre, the “eBay of Latin America.” MercadoLibre was founded in Argentina in 1999 by Marcos Galperin. It is a major online marketplace in Latin America, along with a strong presence in Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and Chile. It offers tailored services, e-commerce solutions like MercadoPago and MercadoEnvíos, along with financial services. Furthermore, with mobile apps, a wide product range, and competition from global and local players, MercadoLibre excels in Mexican online retailing and leads in Brazilian e-commerce with the region’s largest user base. Therefore, it ranks under the list of the best online shopping websites Mexico in 2023. 

  • Liverpool ( 

Liverpool is quite popular in the list of the best online shopping websites in Mexico 2023. Liverpool has been a major Mexican department store chain since 1953, boasting 350+ physical stores nationwide and a strong online platform. Competing with American giants like Walmart, it offers diverse products, including furniture, home decor, electronics, and fashion. Moreover, with roots dating back to 1847, Liverpool is a key player in Mexico’s retail scene, spanning Liverpool stores, Suburbia outlets, shopping centers, and a nationwide e-commerce presence.

  • Sears Mexico (

Sears Mexico, owned by Grupo Carso, with 75 physical stores nationwide and a robust online presence, offers a wide range of products, including home goods, fashion, electronics, sports, and beauty. Online shoppers benefit from discounts of up to 50% and free home delivery, making it a top choice for furniture shopping. Unlike US stores, non-commissioned sales associates support in-store testing before online orders. With 90 stores in Mexico and one in El Salvador, Sears Mexico is a prominent regional department store chain. Hence, don’t forget to include Sears while including the best online shopping websites in Mexico 2023.   

  • Best Buy Mexico ( 

Best Buy, a major American electronics retailer, had an online store in Mexico ( until it ceased operations in the Mexican e-commerce market in 2021. It offers various electronic products. While they may have had physical stores in Mexico, details were subject to change. Best Buy Mexico likely offered customer support, delivery, return policies, and warranties tailored to the Mexican market. However, as of 2021, Mexican customers seeking Best Buy products may need to visit physical stores in the United States.

  • Soriana ( 

Soriana, a major Mexican retail and grocery chain founded in 1968, operates a wide network of stores nationwide. It offers diverse products, including groceries, electronics, clothing, and more, in various store formats. Soriana has embraced e-commerce with delivery in major metro areas, offers the “Club Soriana” loyalty program, and actively supports sustainability and community initiatives. Competing with retail giants like Walmart and Chedraui, Soriana is a leading and widely recognized supermarket brand in Mexico, serving customers nationwide. That’s how Soriana occupies a great place in the list of the best online shopping websites in Mexico 2023.  

  • Coppel (

The lesser-known cum authentic best online shopping site in Mexico is Coppel, a Mexican department store chain since 1941. It offers various products through 20+ stores in Mexico and a robust e-commerce platform. Their online store includes items like bicycles and sports equipment, and they offer rare credit payment options in Mexico. Budget-conscious shoppers favor Coppel for its diverse product offerings. Whether you’re in Mexico briefly or outfitting your home, Coppel provides flexible shopping solutions. What makes it a favorable choice in the best online shopping websites Mexico in 2023.  

  • Elektra (

The last one of the best online shopping sites in Mexico is Elektra, a prominent Mexican retail and financial services company. It offers a diverse range of products and financial services. With an e-commerce platform at, it caters to various consumer needs. Additionally, Elektra has expanded into Latin American countries, actively participating in philanthropic initiatives, especially in education, health, and community development, under the leadership of founder Ricardo Salinas Pliego.

Bottom Line: 

The best online shopping websites in Mexico 2023 provide unmatched convenience, diverse product options, and savings. Key players include Amazon Mexico and Walmart Mexico for their variety and fast delivery. MercadoLibre, Liverpool, and Sears cater to different needs. While Best Buy Mexico ceased operations, Soriana and Elektra thrived. Coppel’s credit payment option is a standout for budget-conscious shoppers. These platforms offer choices, competitive pricing, and convenience, enhancing the shopping experience. And here, your top 10 online shopping sites in Mexico 2023 journey ends. Visit Here :- Best WordPress Plugins To Use In 2023