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Newell Brands Home Fragrance Scents for Every Home

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Welcome to Newell Brands Home Fragrance, where every scent is crafted to enhance your living space. Whether you want to create a calming atmosphere, energize your workspace, or warmly welcome your guests, Newell Brands offers a variety of scents to suit every home and preference.

Discover the Range of Newell Brands Home Fragrances

What Makes Newell Brands Unique?

Newell Brands stands out in the home fragrance market for its commitment to quality and variety. Their products range from classic candles to modern diffusers, each designed to deliver a unique sensory experience. Premium ingredients ensure long-lasting and authentic aromas that transform any home environment.

Exploring the Scents Portfolio

1. Floral Delights

For those who love flowers’ soft and soothing presence, Newell Brands presents scents like Lavender Bloom and Gardenia Grace. These floral fragrances are perfect for bedrooms and bathrooms, providing a gentle and relaxing backdrop.

2. Fresh and Airy

If you prefer clean and refreshing aromas, look no further than the Fresh Linen or Ocean Breeze scents. Ideal for living rooms and entryways, these fragrances create a welcoming and stimulating atmosphere.

3. Warm and Cozy

For cooler months, scents such as Spiced Pumpkin and Cinnamon Apple offer warmth and comfort. These rich aromas are suited for family rooms and kitchens, making them feel extra cozy.

4. Exotic Escapes

Transport yourself to a tropical paradise with exotic scents like Coconut Retreat and Mango Sorbet. Perfect for creating a vacation vibe right in your home office or den.

How to Choose the Right Scent for Your Home

Consider the Room Size

Smaller spaces like bathrooms may benefit from lighter, more subtle scents, whereas larger areas can handle more decadent aromas without becoming overwhelming.

Match the Mood

Think about the atmosphere you want to create. Calming scents like lavender are great for bedrooms, while energizing citrus works well in active spaces like kitchens.

Seasonal Selections

Rotate your fragrances with the seasons to keep your home feeling fresh and timely—lighter scents in the spring and summer and warmer notes for fall and winter.


Newell Brands offers diverse home fragrances that cater to every taste and room, making it easy to find your perfect match. Whether you’re looking to buy your first home fragrance or you’re your collection, Newell Brands has something that will refresh and beautify your living space. Be sure to explore Magque, your go-to source for the latest and most intriguing updates in informative tips and reviews!


Q1. What Types of Home Fragrance Products Does Newell Brands Offer?

Answer: Newell Brands offers a diverse range of home fragrance products, including scented candles, electric plug-ins, aroma diffusers, and room sprays. Each product caters to different needs and preferences, ensuring a suitable option for every home.

Q2. How Longthere’sell Brands Home Fragrances Last?

Answer: The lifespan of each fragrance product varies. Scented candles can burn for 25-50 hours, depending on their size, while plug-ins and diffusers may last for several weeks with continuous use. Always check the packaging for details on specific durations.

Q3. Are Newell Brands Home Fragrances Safe for Pets?

Answer: Newell Brands ensures that its home fragrances are made from high-quality and safe ingredients. However, pets can be sensitive to certain scents and essential oils. You should use fragrances in well-ventilated Containers and consult a veterinarian if you have concerns about a specific product.

Q4. Can I Mix Different Scents?

Answer: While each scent is designed to stand alone, some enjoy mixing different fragrances to create a unique aroma. Mix scents with complementary fragrances, such as floral with citrus, to ensure they blend well together.

Q5. How Can I Maximize the Effectiveness of My Home Fragrance?

Answer: To maximize the effectiveness of your home fragrance, place your scented product in a central location within a room to allow for even distribution. Regularly flipping the reeds in a diffuser or ensuring your scented candle burns evenly will also help maintain a consistent scent throughout your space.

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