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Set Up Your Amazon Fire TV Cube With These Simple Steps

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With an enhanced 2022 Amazon Fire TV Cube newly announced, Amazon’s set-top box looks more improved. Furthermore, you are an existing consumer of Amazon Prime and commonly approach Amazon content. In that case, it is exclusively for you. If you are looking for a new Amazon Fire TV Cube, you must know what you’re getting into, including how to set it up.

Our mentor will rush you through the setup elements, what you must know about Signing into the Amazon Fire TV Cube, and what to inspect along the way (especially if you have one of the latest models). Let’s begin.

Set up your Fire TV Cube

Step 1: Unfold your latest Fire TV Cube and search for a place to fix it in your home theatre. Amazon confirms placing the Amazon Fire TV Cube at least one to two feet from any speakers you have. That may be challenging in compact setups. But it could be more relevant to the speaker’s vibration, or conflict is beginning to influence the Amazon Fire TV Cube’s performance.

Step 2: Attach the HDMI cable with your Amazon Fire TV Cube to a spare HDMI port on your TV. Suppose you don’t have any extra ports. In that case, you can use an HDMI splitter, which can influence the performance, so it’s good if you avoid it if possible (see our final step on attaching peripherals to free up a spot).

Step 3: Plug the adapter to the power into an outlet and then into your Amazon Fire TV Cube.

Step 4: Put the batteries in your Amazon Fire TV remote and turn on your Television. Ensure that your Television is ON the accurate HDMI input if required. If you utilize any smart speakers or related devices with your Television, ensure they are also connected at this point.

Step 5: The Amazon Fire TV Cube should display some guidance at this step. Adhere to these steps with the Amazon Fire TV remote. Commonly, the Amazon Fire TV Cube should catch the remote and automatically get paired with it. However, this can take a few seconds.

If the Amazon Fire TV remote isn’t pairing correctly, look for the Home button with its house-shaped icon and press it down for 10-15 seconds. It would be best if you are looking for a new message to hold the Play/pause button to continue.

Step 6: Join your Wi-Fi with on-screen guidance. The Amazon Fire TV Cube will display available Wi-Fi networks, so select yours and input your Wi-Fi password to give access. Note that the 2022 version of the Amazon Fire TV Cube also adds an Ethernet port cable for a direct connection to your router. This provides a more reliable, faster connection than you choose if your setup grants for it.

Step 7: Wait for the Amazon Fire TV Cube to update. This may take a little time to download and get installed.

Step 8: You’ll be advised to sign in with your Amazon account with your online credentials. Implementing Amazon Prime Video (assuming you’re Logged in) and other aspects are essential. Once entered, you’ll be required to hop online with another device to integrate the two-factor authentication, so have your smartphone nearby.

Step 9: Once Signed up, the Amazon Fire TV Cube will ask if you need to set up a control section for connecting the devices, such as soundbars and smart speakers. This isn’t necessary, but you can route controls via the Amazon Fire TV Cube and jump juggling as many remotes as possible.

Step 10: Your Amazon Fire TV Cube should bring up the home Display with its advertisements, available apps, and content categories. Now is an excellent time to download any essential apps you know you’ll utilize and sign up to get them working. If you plan on obtaining content such as apps or games, ensure you have the correct default payment mode in your Amazon account.

Attaching Segments

We’re mentioning this because there are variations between the 2019 Amazon Fire TV Cube and the 2022 Amazon Fire TV Cube. The model 2019 only has an HDMI output and Micro USB power ports, just the elements you require for setup. You won’t be connecting anything else to this model. But the version of 2022 adds an HDMI input, allowing users to connect a nearby device and power it on with an Alexa voice command with other goods. That could be appropriate if you have, for example, an appropriate cable box as part of your system. Now is the time to connect your devices like that.

Promoted boxes combined devices from Comcast, Verizon, DirecTV, Charter Spectrum, AT&T, Dish Network, Cox, CenturyLink, and others, so if you have the latest cable box, it’s likely to have control affinity with the Amazon Fire TV Cube.

Troubleshooting your Amazon Fire TV Cube Setup

Troubleshooting your Amazon Fire TV Cube setup

Suppose you need help with setup. In that case, you can restart your Amazon Fire TV Cube by pressing the Action button on the Amazon Fire TV Cube for about 10-15 seconds. Consequently, it will shut down the Fire TV Cube, and you can press the Action button one more time to reboot it. Or, you could unplug the Fire TV Cube and plug it back in to restart the device and solve temporary issues. Since this is your first setup, be patient to ensure that all cables are fully plugged into the correct ports.  

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